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How I will keep you accountable

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Running a business means wearing many different hats and spinning hundreds of those sometimes wobbly plates. You do the sales, the finance and provide the products and service. But who holds you accountable?

You are the boss. You can ignore the reminder, delay the deadline, finish the work a few days late, that’s fine right?

I think you know where this is going…Having a long list of unfinished projects, half written plans and open actions only result in one thing. Stress. How often have you been awake at night worrying about the small stuff? Tasks that have been lurking around for what feels like a lifetime.

This is where I can help. I will take the reins for you, help you to gain back control, and grow some consistency and momentum. It is human nature to perform better ‘under surveillance’. I know my online PT can click a button on an app and see exactly how many calories I have eaten that day. He can also see how many steps I have walked the past 24 hours. Do I really think he checks? No. But the fact that he COULD DO makes me motivated when I really need that added push. It is a fact that we work harder when we feel accountable.

My top 5 tips for accountability

  1. Regular conversations. Something that I know is super important for my clients is a regular catch up. This can be weekly or biweekly, sometimes even monthly along with other forms of communication but these must happen. I find 30 minutes is the optimum time to make sure that we have both achieved our goals and have planned our priorities that lie ahead.

  2. A clear brief is important on both sides in order for both parties to feel confident and comfortable on the steps they need to carry out.

  3. Project plans such as Asana, Dubdaso or even an old fashioned spreadsheet are invaluable tools to keep all the jobs in one place so we can collaborate in real time.

  4. Once we have agreed deadlines I will not be afraid to nudge, remind or hustle you for the goods, this part I really enjoy, it’s the PA in me! I love a completed action, its even better than a Pina Colada!

  5. An honest and trusting relationship. Goes without saying! I pride myself on making strong, genuine long lasting and fun relationships with my clients.

As your assistant it is my job to ensure things get done. I would be doing both of us a disservice if I let things slide. My main goal is to drive you and your business forward, to be your second brain and your extra pair of hands. Ultimately accountability is the fine line between success and failure. The best VA/Client relationships are honest and above all mega consistent. Everyone needs some accountability, let me provide yours.

It’s a fact that when going it alone the average success rate is 43%. When you have a form of accountability partner that average skyrockets to 95%! It is a no brainer that working with someone who is dedicated to helping you achieve success will encourage you to perform better long and short term.

I am offering free 30 minute client consultations. Let’s meet on Zoom and see if we are a good fit for each other . Click here to get in touch with me today!

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