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It's time for a sweet and fresh addition to your team

A Virtual Assistant for successful coaches and trainers who want more time and juicy profits. (Yes, you can have both - let me show you how.)


Sound familiar?


🍍 You're a business coach or trainer who has seen significant growth in the last few years.​​

🍍 Your success means you're busy but dangerously close to burnout.​


🍍 All those plates you're spinning by yourself are close to smashing into pieces. 

I can help!


Here's how.

I'm a true admin geek who is a whizz at..  

🔥 Increasing your sales by managing your sales pipeline

🔥 Reducing your overwhelm by keeping that inbox in check

🔥 Giving you more freedom by being the first point of contact for your business 

🔥 Being head cheerleader for your podcast and nailing all back office tasks

I can bring the goodness you need with my simple and easy to digest processes. Let me help you make sure that the only thing spinning in your business is your bank balance.


What they say about me.


Laura is an exceptional VA. She has a unique ability to build and maintain trust in a very short space of time. She is one of the sunniest and most up beat individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her positive outlook means that she excels at building genuine relationships and performs detail oriented tasks with great attention to detail.

Annie Clarke, Annie's Training Company


Being supported by your wing woman (that's me!), who knows your business inside out. Who you can bounce ideas off and offload to if your day turns spiky.

✅  Taking time out for yourself but knowing your business will continue to flourish. (Cue hula skirt and cocktail of your choice).

✅  Having juicy systems in place that reassure you and give you extra head space.

✅  Knowing you can grow your business AND feel deliciously calm and happy. (Yes - it can be done!)

✅  Making more money from your business whilst working less. Sweeeeeeet! 

✅  Having time to relax and consider whether pineapple does belong on pizza. (If you are still on the fence the answer is YES).

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